Annual Report 2015

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Administrative Information


Crediton Parish Church is situated in Church Street, Crediton and is part of the Crediton Benefice Community which covers three parishes and eight churches within the Cadbury Deanery of the Diocese of Exeter.  The correspondence address is the Parish Administrator, Parish Office, Boniface Centre, Church Lane, Crediton, EX17 2AH.


The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a body corporate (PCC Powers Measure 1956, Church Representation Rules 2006) and registered with the Charity Commission.  PCC members are elected by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in accordance with the Church Representation Rules 2006 and during the year, the following served as members of the PCC:-

Incumbent:                              Revd Preb. Nigel Guthrie

Assistant Curate:                     Revd Paul Fillery (to November 2016), Revd Helen Drever (from September 2016)

Churchwardens:                      Karen White (until APCM 2016); Jacki Hayes; John Musty (Vice Chair from APCM 2016); Sheila Ralph (from APCM 2016)

Ex Officio (Deanery Synod)     Sue Barker; Anne Jerman; Carol Price; Isolde Summers (until July 2016)

Ex Officio (Diocesan Synod)    Revd David Francis

Ex Officio (General Synod)      Dr Jack Shelley

PCC Treasurer                        Glenda Hills

PCC Secretary                         Anne Jerman

Elected Members                     Keith Barker (until APCM 2016)

Eileen Brassington (until APCM 2016)

Paul Bright (until APCM 2016)

Linda Bennett-Smith, Glenda Hills (from January 2016), Gill Lee, Mike May, Ted Staite, Mandy Tomlinson – served all year

Angy Cargill (from APCM 2016)

Kate Lang (from May 2016)

Stephen Mitchell (from APCM 2016)

Co-opted                                  Eileen Brassington (as Lay Minister for Children and Young Families)

Ernie Heard (as Governors’ and Health & Safety Representative)

Independent examiner             Stapletons

Structure, Governance and Management

The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation Rules 2006. The membership of the above PCC consists of the Incumbent, the Assistant Curate, the Churchwardens, Ex Officio due to membership of Deanery/Diocesan/General Synod and members elected by those persons whose names are on the electoral roll of the church.

The PCC held eight meetings during the year together with one Joint PCC meeting.

The PCC has complied with the duty under section 5 of the Safeguarding and Clergy Discipline Measure 2016 to have due regard to the House of Bishops’ guidance on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

Unusually, Crediton Church Corporation owns and is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the church, its artefacts and the churchyard.

The Electoral Roll stands at 201 names.  Following the annual revision in the period leading up to the APCM 2017, there were 7 removals (either through death or because the person had moved away from the parish) and 8 additions.

Aim and Purpose

The PCC has the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent, Revd Preb Nigel Guthrie in promoting in the ecclesiastical parish the whole mission of the Church: pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.


The PCC, as part of the Crediton Benefice Community, commits itself to carry out God’s will through prayer, worship, learning and action.  We will develop our life together as we reach out to others; affirm individual strengths; value diversity; nurture growth, vocations and leadership; work towards accessibility and respect and sustain our environment.

Reports from PCC Sub Committees and Other Church Groups

Children and Young People

Children and Young Families (report Eileen Brassington)

 In the Midst – The children are now accustomed to staying in Church at the beginning of the 9:30am Sunday Service for the placing of the button on the liturgical calendar and other activities. We are grateful for a generous donation from the Governors which has allowed us to buy a colourful rug for the children’s space. Their space is also graced by the presence of Bishop Furry who has a set of robes in the beautiful colours and fabrics of the priest’s robes to reinforce the cyclical seasons of the liturgical year. Thanks again to Jacqui Hayes for her expertise and time.

Children’s Guide to the Church – This is in its final draft stage and copies can be found at the back of the Church.

Baptism Preparation – The Baptism booklet continues to be used as a basis for preparation and discussion. The plans for a baptism support group and input from Revd Barry Dugmore for a deanery talk about “Sticky Baptism” are in the pipeline and should be finalised soon.

Connect – Clarissa Raymont married Jamie at Easter in 2016 and is now Clarissa Vanstone. She is in her final year of her degree course at Moorlands and SWYM and as a Connect worker in Crediton.  Fortunately, in September 2016 she was joined by a second Connect worker for Crediton, Robert Marshall. Together with Lauren and Alex from the Methodist Church, they make an effective and energetic team working with young people in QE, evening groups and weekend events.  Sadly, Dan from CCC returned to Kenya in January 2017, but it is hoped a new CCC youth worker will be able to give some time to the Connect team in due course.

Messy Church – After two sessions with lower attendance, numbers have been steady between thirty and forty. The themes and activities have been well received and the congregation has been wonderfully supportive in supplying matchsticks, matchboxes, yogurt pots and empty plastic bottles. The team of helpers are most faithful and much appreciated.

Sunday Club and Toddlers – Grateful thanks to the team of Sunday club leaders and Angy Cargill (Babes & Toddlers) who prepare and lead sessions every week and have done so for many years. Special thanks to those who responded to help during Liz Brookes Hocking’s time as an observer in Gaza.

Open the Book – The two teams continue to be welcomed in Haywards and Yeoford.

Please continue to pray for this ministry.

Babes and Toddlers (report by Angy Cargill)

“Babes and Toddlers” is going well, although several of our stalwart attenders started school in September. We wish them all the best. Happily, we’ve had newcomers so attendance is on an even keel. The Mothers’ Union provide support when needed as do Nigel and Eileen Brassington. Thank you to Enid for her reliable help. Thank you to Amy for all her help and great craft ideas. We’ll miss her and Alexia lots. We wish her all the best in Exmouth.   We would really welcome anyone who is interested in helping us, subject to a DBS check.

There is no charge for the afternoon but generous donations each week has meant that we were able to give a considerable amount this year to The Salvation Army (Exeter branch) and to Eileen, our family support worker.

We had a happy Christmas party to which Father Christmas came. He brought lovely presents and the adults went away with yummy Thai currys. Thank you Ted and thank you Noys.

Sunday Club (report by Gill Lee)

Sunday Club continues to use the ‘Roots’ material, which usually follows the lectionary.  The material is not always suitable for the range in age and ability of the children who attend but with a bit of lateral thinking the Sunday Club leaders usually manage to find a craft or activity related to the bible reading.  Although the number of children is often low there is a loyal and enthusiastic core group.   We always look forward to creating the Sunday Club display at the June Exhibition with Flowers and this year we had fun with wild life boxes: bird boxes, hedgehog box, frog box, bug boxes and a small pond.  The children made butterflies and insects – bees and spiders, etc.  which were hung up and put on the wall and in boxes.   We decorated our tree at the Christmas Tree Festival with symbols from the Jesse Tree.  It’s hard to believe that the liturgical calendar has been in use for a whole year and recently the children have enjoyed more of the ‘In Their Midst’ activities. Blowing bubbles during the Gloria is always popular and in Advent the forgiveness mat was used.  Sunday Club is very grateful to Jacki Hayes for all her work in making the various accompaniments to the activities so beautifully, particularly the splendid liturgical garments in which the teddy bear is now dressed.

Open the Book (report by Revd Jenny Francis)

In many ways little has changed since last year’s report. The latest OtB Newsletter expressed delight that there are now over 14,000 storytellers nationwide in excess of 2,500 schools. Wherever OtB is introduced it seems to meet a great need and is always received joyfully. We feel privileged to be part of such a successful and appreciated project.

We still meet to pray and rehearse on a Tuesday morning so that we’re prepared for our visits to Yeoford and Hayward’s schools later in the week. Yeoford School has shrunk to 3 classes and as a small part of a Federation we’ve realised we sometimes need to be flexible when events organised elsewhere, often at short notice, conflict with our pre-arranged visit.

During this last year we have developed a closer relationship with staff at Hayward’s where we are always warmly welcomed and where we were invited to the staff room for Christmas festivities, for the first time. Children vie keenly to take part and love getting dressed up in our varied costumes. These and our props are often remarked upon so we remain grateful to all who help, using their creative skills.  We welcomed Revd Sue Martin and Revd Helen Drever in the autumn term, but even so, there are times we’re short of people. We hope soon to hear from St Boniface Church, as well as two churches in Bow, all of whom may help us.

A new fourth year will be introduced this spring, based on Christian values. We have formed a small working group which meets termly to plan the following terms stories. Sharing the leadership helps though keeping abreast of the changing safeguarding requirements remains my responsibility. I have stated my intention of stepping back from the coalface this summer, however. We know children re-tell the stories at home and elsewhere so there’s no knowing how far the Good News travels. This really is a wonderful, fun, way to be a missionary!


Choir Committee (report by Helen Tuffin)

2016 was an eventful and enjoyable year for the choir. We were delighted to welcome a host of new members across the whole musical range, and it was especially nice to see some new boys joining our Juniors.  Mark Perry has established himself extremely well as Director of Music, attempting to keep us musically “on track” with patience and humour. In this he is most ably assisted by Richard Stephens. It is thanks to all the additional work they and other helpful individuals put in behind the scenes that the events below were able to take place.

So 2016 saw the choir put on a Summer Concert celebrating, in one fell swoop, the Queen’s 90th birthday and the story of Noah, complete with cream teas for the audience. We had the rare opportunity to sing Evensong at Exeter Cathedral, and take part in an RSCM Festival Service there. We sang at the ordination in Tavistock of Steve Martin, our former Director of Music. And there was our fundraising Carol Concert, where a plentiful audience enjoyed mulled wine, mince pies and songs, not to mention dozens of festive Christmas trees – surely more this year than ever before.  Non-singing events included our annual sponsored swim, playing boules in Crediton Square with visitors from Avranches and local teams (once again coming 2nd overall), a day out for the Juniors in Exeter, where they swapped boules for bowling, our annual summer BBQ, a firework display at the Rectory, and a Christmas panto. We rounded off the year – albeit in January when things had “calmed down” – with a lovely bring & share party at the Boniface Centre.

As if this wasn’t enough, this year large numbers of Juniors and adults gained new ribbons and RSCM awards, and it was a great honour to have the latter presented at the above-mentioned Festival Service at the Cathedral. We were especially proud to see Karen Reed, Emma Richards, Patricia Robottom and Catherine Stoyle gaining Gold, a demanding qualification indeed.

As the “newbie” Chair of the choir I have even more reason to be grateful to all the individuals who keep everything ticking along so smoothly. Hard work goes on behind the scenes involving support for our Juniors, catering, fundraising, music, robes and candles. My heartfelt thanks to all those individuals who make this happen. I also wish to thank parents of juniors, fellow committee members, the congregation, Music Endowment Foundation, PCC, Governors and Friends of Crediton Church.

Worship Committee (report by Joanna Lunnon)

During 2016 the committee continued to review services and plan for those ahead, meeting three times during the year.

  • The group considered the replies to the Worship Review questionnaire (distributed autumn 2015). Overall there did not seem to be a huge desire for big changes but there were many helpful suggestions for small changes which were noted and are being implemented gradually. A report on the review was published in the July Parish Magazine.
  • Attendance at the main morning services continued to be strong. There was a wide variety of attendance for Choral Evensong depending on the occasion, with the church very full for the Advent Carol Service and Service of Nine Lessons and Carols.
  • ‘Sacred Space’ led by Revd Paul Fillery took place once a quarter and there were occasional Compline services. Messy Church took place every alternate month.
  • Easter and Christmas services were reviewed and any feedback received was considered with potential changes noted for future years. The new presentation of the Stations of the Cross at Easter was very successful and will be repeated.
  • The series of sermons during the summer linked to the theme of worship was widely appreciated. There will be another sermon series during Lent 2017.

Bellringers (Report by Geoff Sparling)

Three experienced ringers moved into the area and have joined us, greatly strengthening our band. On-going recruitment must remain a priority. Our social programme of two outings and an annual dinner was maintained and several church events supported. Ringing has been maintained for all regular ringing occasions and whenever extra is requested. In addition we have been providing occasional assistance to local towers, Sandford, Newton St. Cyres and Brampford Speke.  Two peal attempts were successful, the first on January 2nd being a re-run of the one lost due to a broken clapper.

In March 2017 the Tower Captain celebrates a significant birthday and it would seem time to consider succession. The band has been asked to start thinking about how we find the next incumbent.

St Lawrence Chapel (report by Isolde Summers, Chairman of the Friends of St Lawrence)

St Lawrence Chapel opened on Ash Wednesday after its winter closure.  The Friends of St Lawrence Chapel are pleased that the Governors decreed that the Chapel should keep some heating on throughout the winter months.  We hope that the damp will be kept at bay a little more.  The Friends of the Chapel are paying for this during the closure period.  The heating will be using night storage heaters with the added ability to ‘top up’ some heaters.  This will add extra heat for any daytime services.

We are delighted that the West Gallery Quire still use the Chapel regularly for their rehearsals, usually twice a month.  The members of the Quire are very supportive, not only financially but by offering help at the Fair held in August.  Their carol service is always well attended and we enjoy their refreshments afterwards!  The Fair, held in August near the Feast day of St Lawrence did not bring quite so many people this year as previously; there are always so many activities happening around a summer Saturday afternoon!  However, we were pleased to send a cheque to the charity we support, Medecins Sans Frontieres as well as keeping some funds for our own use in the Chapel.  The afternoon’s weather meant that the garden could be used as well.  The Evensong the next day was taken by Revd Paul Fillery.  We are grateful to all the clergy who takes services in this lovely sacred space.

If you have not visited the Chapel before, do come to a service and experience the peace in the Chapel as well as the beautiful garden.

Holy Triniy, Yeoford (report by Carol Price)

At the beginning of 2016 Holy Trinity Yeoford had a complete redecoration.  It turned out the altar plinth that was sagging somewhat was only being held together by the carpet! It was completely rebuilt, the church redecorated and new carpets laid.  It now all looks wonderful.  During the year we have had the usual two services a month usually taken by our retired Clergy and some Communion by Extension taken by Readers. Songs of Praise at the end of July led by Preb. Nigel Guthrie was a happy occasion.  The Harvest Service at the end of September was followed by a harvest lunch for the first time was enjoyed by all who attended.  The Christmas services comprised of a Community Carol Service in the Village Hall, a Crib Service on Christmas Eve and a 9pm Holy Communion also on Christmas Eve.  The café runs in the Church every Monday and Messy Church is held in the Village Hall every other month.  Holy Trinity had a table at St Nicolas Fair and provided refreshments and manned the door at the Yeoford Village Christmas Fair.  We held a funeral, a wedding and a baptism during the year.


Ministry Committee (report by Clare Shelley)

The Ministry Committee meets three times a year and gives an overview to the ministry of the Benefice.  In July Revd Helen Drever started her ministry as curate in the Benefice being licenced as deacon in September. In November Revd Paul Fillery became the priest in charge at Sandford Parish, together with part time responsibility for Cadbury Deanery Training and Development. It is good to have our full complement of clergy again but we still rely on the assistance of our strong team of retired clergy to provide regular services in all the Benefice churches.

Our readers, Isolde Summers, Jack Shelley and Carol Price are all licenced to take services of Communion by Extension which has helped to ensure that all the churches have regular communion. Eileen Brassington, as minister to Children and Young Families is introducing all sorts of new ideas which are reported elsewhere.  The ‘Prayer Ministry” group, coordinated by Eileen Brassington, continues to pray with individuals during the 9.30am services.  This ministry continues to be much appreciated by those who come forward for prayer.

Mandy Tomlinson is the lead sides persons at the 9:30 service.  A group from Thika in Kenya visited the diocese in July and spent a day in our Benefice.

David Brassington and Rosemary Barber led a level one safeguarding evening. The diocese will be providing training for all who minister to children and/or vulnerable adults.  The Listening Course that was offered was cancelled due to lack of interest.  Nigel and Jean Hope ran the “Discipleship Explored” course in the summer.  The Advent Bible study on Colossians was led by Nigel, Helen and Jack.  The Ecumenical Lent Course in 2016 studied the Pilgrim Course module on the Beatitudes.  Themed sermons at the 9:30 service during August looked at different aspects of the communion service.

Pastoral Care Group (report by Slim Savage)

The ministry of Pastoral Visiting and Care continues to develop. Visitors meet regularly with clergy on a confidential basis to ensure appropriate levels of involvement are being maintained. The group predominantly ministers to the elderly and housebound, which includes those in hospitals and residential homes.

Within the scheme a Bereavement Sub-Group continues to make contact with the families of all those deceased persons known to the church over the last year, and follow up visits have been made where necessary. The Book of Remembrance is kept up to date following this contact. Work on exploring ways of promoting contact between bereaved families in an effort to strengthen mutual support during this difficult time remains ongoing.

The number of visitors now stands at twelve and training remains ongoing. This includes that specifically designed for protecting Vulnerable Adults.  Seven of the visitors are now authorised by the Bishop of Crediton to administer Home Communion, and this has become an important aspect of the Scheme’s Ministry.

Whilst referrals for group involvement can be made to the co-ordinator via the Parish Office, the majority of involvement is picked up by casual networking within the group and other members of the church.

All established group members have been subject to successful DBS checks.

Missions & Charities Committee (report by Angy Cargill)

Missions and Charities is a PCC committee. We research and suggest five charities with Christian ethics to support each year and put forward our proposals to the PCC who help us to decide which ones we should support. An equal amount is given to each. We have a three year rolling programme and at present we support CMS, Connect, The Amos Trust, The Umoja Project and Christian Aid (for disasters and emergencies). However, at present Connect, CMS and Christian Aid remain constant. We are currently looking for a replacement for The Umoja Project. We have a few suggestions and would welcome more. Please get in touch with us if you have an idea.

We also have cake stalls four times a year which make a considerable amount for other charities. This year we have supported: Eileen, our Holy Cross lay minister for Children and Young Families, Christian Aid, The Bible Society and The Salvation Army (Exeter branch). The last charity made an amazing amount of money thanks to the delicious Thai takeaway meals made by Tintana Bailey.

There is a most informative display in church that tells people about our chosen charities. We welcome feedback from the congregation.

Communications Committee (report by Stephen Mitchell)

The Communications Committee has met on a few occasions during the year to discuss and improve things such as notice boards, church signage, the website, the sound system, church information guides, the magazine and other items connected to communications within church and with those outside. The following items are examples of issues addressed this year designed to give a flavour of what we discuss and try to improve.

  1. Rose Grisman has continued to produce a high quality magazine.
  2. There is now an electronic guide to the church that can be accessed on a phone or a computer. This gives visitors more information than is available on the printed sheets and is accessible at, and away from, the church.
  3. The cost of the magazine has been raised 80p per copy or £8 for the annual subscription.
  4. The website has been updated.

Crediton Benefice Community Council (report by Anne Jerman)

The Benefice Community Council met three times during the year and provides a forum where the benefice churches can encourage and strengthen each other in accordance with our Mission Action Plan.  The MAP was revised so that it could record activity during the past year and take account of the Diocesan Vision and Strategy (Growing in Prayer, Making New Disciples and Serving with Joy) when looking at the coming year.  A joint PCC meeting of the three parishes in the Crediton Benefice Community was a very positive occasion with some good sharing of ideas.  New members on this group would be welcomed as there has been little change to its membership since it was first formed to prepare the original MAP.  Please speak to Anne Jerman if you are interested in this group.

Fabric and Maintenance of the Church and Churchyard

Housekeeping Committee (report by Bill Jerman)

The PCC housekeeping committee met three times during the year and continue to review and oversee health and safety arrangements. The CCTV system was installed at the beginning of the year and has already proved very useful.  Efforts continue to keep Holy Cross tidy and a number of small ‘do it yourself’ jobs have been completed. A small sub-committee drawn from members of this committee and the churchwardens are looking at a longer term aspirational project for kitchen improvements.

Restoration Committee (report by Sandra Thresher)

A great deal has been achieved this year in the ongoing task of maintaining the fabric of our church. The highlight was the installation of drainage along the north side of the church and the cobbles re-laid where needed. Repairs have also been made to memorials and stained glass windows protected with mesh. The clock faces have been re-gilded and painted and will be placed back in situ once emergency tower repairs are completed. Many tasks, such as keeping the churchyard tidy are carried out by willing volunteers and the committee is very grateful for their time and expertise.

Fund Raising – The Roof Appeal total receipts stand at £80,000.  The Roof Appeal committee still needs volunteers.  Glenda organised a successful and interesting series of events last year and will do so again for 2017 including the ever popular Quiz evening.  Look out for her leaflet. Our two main fund raising events, the June Festival and the Christmas Tree Festival were very successful and enjoyed by our many visitors. Two Heritage Open Days also proved popular. The committee thanks all those who commit time and energy in the organising of these Festivals, and those who organised concerts and other fund raising events.

Other Reports

Boniface Centre Committee (report by Geoff Sparling)

John Clifton, the main driving force behind the building of the Boniface Centre retired from the committee and a presentation was made during morning service. Sadly John passed away in July.

As usual the committee has kept on top of routine maintenance.  New, more comfortable chairs were purchased and sprayed with “Scotchgard”. The sound system was upgraded and fire safety procedures updated. LED lighting was fitted in the office and the kitchen.

Revised hire charges effective from January 2018 were approved.

Finances are in good order and in line with the 20-year plan produced last year.  The loans for the solar panels have been cleared and for the first time, it was possible to share the monies raised from the electricity generation between the Boniface Centre and the PCC funds.

Social Committee (report by Karen White)

The members of the social committee are: Tracey Jones, Sheila Ralph, Anne Parsons, Pat Sherwood, Kay Shillingford, Pat Sneddon, Mandy Tomlinson and Karen White. Plus, Garry Adams, Ian Sneddon and Brian Shillingford who willingly assist when called upon to do so, thank you.

We would like to run more events. However, due to our busy lives, other commitments and, at times, poor health, we simply cannot. We need more willing members! You do not have to help at every event, just joining in for a few would make a significant difference and would spread the load.  Please speak to any of the members for more information.

The aim of the Social Committee continues to be fellowship, fun and earning money for our PCC in order that all our bills can be paid. New ideas for realistic events are always very welcome.  Last year we organized the following:

  • a Street Party in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th This was great fun. Sandwiches, tea and cake were accompanied by a quiz and a sing along; a simple classic British event at its best.
  • Hot Sunday lunches, have increased in numbers and are thoroughly enjoyed by all.The Men in Pinafores do a grand job and allow the women to sit down for a meal and a well-earned rest.
  • Cream Tea
  • Book Fair

Thanks to Bill Jerman for setting out the tables and Robin Lavery for setting out the café tables and chairs for the Book Fair and St Nicholas Fair in particular.  Committee members also help at all the other catering events; Stewardship Lunch, Harvest Supper, Flower and Christmas Tree Festivals, St Nicholas Fair, etc. Not a month goes by when we are not in the kitchen in some capacity!

We would like to thank Robin and Sue Lavery and the Boniface Centre Management Committee for our amazing building.  It is very well maintained, well-equipped and clean. There has been much praise for the new very comfortable chairs.

We look forward to the next year and more events.  Many thanks for your support.

Mothers’ Union (report by Anne Jerman)

The Mothers’ Union undertakes four major activities throughout the year.  Firstly, it has a variety of speakers at the monthly meeting representing local (e.g. Age Concern Crediton and Balloons Children’s Bereavement Service), Diocesan (this year, Revd Kathy Roberts on Women in Ministry) and national (e.g. Hearings Dogs and SSAFA) organisations.  Secondly, it provides opportunities for worship together, organising home communions in Lent and Advent, being involved with the Women’s World Day of Prayer and the MU Wave of Prayer as well as attending MU services at Exeter Cathedral.  Members also help provide the refreshments at Babes and Toddlers each week.  Thirdly, it assists with fundraising – for the MU nationally through a Lent Lunch, cake stalls, afternoon tea events and money saving boxes whilst for church fundraising, members assist at the Flower and Christmas Tree Festivals and run a very successful cake stall at the St Nicholas Fair each year.  The MU also supports the Crediton Foodbank and St Petrock’s through gifts of goods at Harvest and Christmas.  Finally, there are social events for the members and their families with the Summer and Christmas meals.  At the end of 2016, Pauline Staite stood down as Branch Treasurer after many years service for which we give thanks.  Thanks also go to our Branch Leader, Enid Clifton, Secretary Elsa Wakefield and all the Committee members.  We are also grateful to Joanna Lunnon who has taken over as Treasurer from Pauline.  If you would like to know more about our local Branch of the MU, please speak to Enid Clifton.


Brief Overview (report by Glenda Hills MAAT)

The PCC Accounts have held up quite well this year, with the Current Account balance running at a sustainable level at present.  Our Parish Share was paid in full and on time – and without needing the Tax Relief from the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme.  This Scheme was previously set at a collectable limit of £5,000.00 and brought in tax relief of £1,250.00 each year, usually in time to help us to settle our Parish Share.  The collectable limit has now been raised to £8,000.00 in each tax year and will allow us to claim £2,000.00 tax relief (probably in March) which will be used to offset the current commitment.

The receipt of an outstanding Legacy balance brought our share of the total gift to £33,915.47.  This enabled the PCC to contribute £4,305.91 towards the Drainage Work carried out on the North Eastern side of the Church.  The remaining balance of £28,609.56 has been invested; £15,000.00 has been earmarked for the continuance of the post of Lay Minister for Children and Young Families with funds also allocated towards the glazing of the internal South Porch doors and further work on the cobbled paths.

The Accounts are again presented separately and will each have been Independently Examined and signed off prior to the APCM.  As before, all the Accounts will be merged for submission to the Diocesan Board of Finance and the Charity Commissioners.

Cadbury Deanery Synod (report by Anne Jerman, Cadbury Deanery Synod Secretary)

The Deanery Synod met three times during 2016.  Each meeting starts with a speaker and this year, we have heard from Jean Hope, our Lay Chair, who spoke about the Diocesan Vision and Strategy (Growing in Prayer, Making New Disciples and Serving with Joy), Revd Barry Dugmore, Diocesan Mission Enabler and Dame Sarah Mullally, Bishop of Crediton speaking on helping people to grow as leaders.  The members of the Synod found Bishop Sarah’s talk inspiring with much food for thought.  The Deanery tries to provide mutual support for parishes through the Synod as well as training and development opportunities.  There was great deal of emphasis this year on the provision of Safeguarding training and Netherexe Mission Community also hosted a ‘Wings for Worship’ course.  In August, the Deanery Synod Standing Committee organised the programme for Bishop Nick McKinnel’s weekend visit to the Deanery under the Bishops in Mission initiative which he greatly enjoyed.  The Deanery also submitted a motion for consideration by the Diocesan Synod concerning the financial remuneration of Self Supporting Ministers for roles they undertook.  It has proved to be a very long process getting the motion to the Diocesan Synod and we’re not there yet.  The Deanery Synod also receives reports back from both Diocesan and General Synod.

Approved by the PCC on 8 March 2017 and signed on their behalf by:

Reverend Prebendary Nigel Guthrie (PCC Chairman)