Rector’s Letter August 2017


In Genesis chapter 2 verses 2-3 we read:

“And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.”

If God needed a rest, we certainly do!  I have always welcomed the fact that in church we have a rest from most business meetings during August.  We live busy lives and it’s good to take break, which can not only refresh us, but also help us to find new perspectives on what we are doing.

I am just about to go off to Mucknell Abbey for a few days of silent retreat.  You can find out more about this small Benedictine Abbey in Worcestershire on their website, but suffice it to say that the community there live a quiet and simple life.  It is a great privilege to share it for a few days away from an internet connection, a telephone and a doorbell!  Guests are allowed to join in the services (I don’t always make the first one in the morning!) and to take meals (in silence) in the refectory.

The clergy are now expected to take a retreat each year, as well as a day off each week and holidays.  But all of us need to find appropriate ways to build periods of rest into our lives.  When Sunday was kept as a rest day this was easier, but now the shops are open and, especially for families, it can be another very busy day.  Rest should be a priority for us, but it often gets squeezed out.  At what cost?  We are not machines and we must respect the rhythms of life which God has provided.  It is not just those in busy jobs that need a rest.  Many people who find themselves in a caring role also need an opportunity to find rest for themselves.  Is this something which you should consider?  Do you have enough rest?  The physical mental and spiritual consequences of not doing so can be very serious.  Remember those beautiful words from Psalm 46 “Be still and know that I am God”.  Forgetting to be still can also lead us to forget the God who made us and loves us.


I am delighted to say that since the last magazine was published we have learnt that our curate, Helen Drever, will be ordained priest at Holy Cross on Sunday 24 September at 10am by Robert, Bishop of Exeter.  The service will also include another curate, The Rev Phillip Brokenshire, from Trinity Church in Exeter.  Everyone is warmly invited to the service and to join in a ‘bring and share’ lunch afterwards in the Boniface Centre from 12noon to 2pm.  Please bring along enough food for yourself and another guest who may be joining us.  Yeoford and Shobrooke churches have already decided to cancel their services that morning so that they can come and support Helen.  Do please join us if you can for this very special occasion.


Just a few weeks later we will be hosting a confirmation with Bishop Sarah on Sunday 15 October at 10am.  It is not too late to contact me or Helen or Paul if you would be interested in being confirmed.


I will be undertaking a sponsored walk for Devon Historic Churches’ Trust on Saturday 26 August.  I will set off from church at 9.30am and walk around the parishes, Sandford, Upton Hellions and Shobrooke, a route of about eight miles.   Please do join me for all or part of the route if you can, or if you would like to provide some sponsorship there will be a form at the back of church.  Half of any sponsor money will come back to us and go towards the Roof Appeal.


Do join us for the Rector’s Ramble this month if you can.  We will be meeting in the church car park at 9.30am on Thursday 17 August and driving to Castle Drogo for a walk in Rectory Woods, Castle Drogo, followed by an optional pub lunch.  We can almost certainly offer lifts on the day if you would like one.

The other walks planned are :

Wednesday 20 September from Winkleigh to Broadwoodkelly (thanks to Andrew and Sue Ware)

Thursday 12 October Two Chapels walk at Killerton


Wednesday 2 August, 7.30pm – Bible Course continues on Wednesdays in August in the Boniface Centre

Sunday 6 August, 9.30am – Family Communion in the Boniface Centre

Sunday 13 August, 6pm – Festival Evensong at St Lawrence Chapel

Thursday 17 August, 9.30am – Rector’s Ramble at Rectory Woods, Castle Drogo

Sunday 27 August, 6pm – Compline

Sunday 3 September, 6pm – Festival Evensong for the Friends of Crediton Church. Preacher: The Revd. Dr. Steve Martin, Curate of Tavistock

16-17 September – Shobrooke’s Harvest Festival Weekend with stalls in and around the church, closing with a Songs of Praise service at 6.30pm on the Sunday.

Sunday 24 September, 10am – Ordination of Helen Drever at Holy Cross followed by ‘bring and share’ lunch

With every good wish and blessing,

Nigel Guthrie

Rev. Prebendary, Crediton Parish Church.

Photos © Bill Jerman