Parish News May 2018

A Churchwarden’s Swan Song


Dear Friends

As I am nearing the end of my 6 years as a churchwarden, writing this gives me the opportunity to say what a privilege it has been to serve you all and to thank those who have made this a pleasant and rewarding experience.

This is a church community renowned for its friendliness and welcome for anyone to come in and some of our congregation travel considerable distances to be with us. One elderly lady in particular cycles from Tiverton to attend the 9.30am service about once a month because this is the one church in the area where she has been welcomed with open arms – and she has tried most of the others!

That people show this kind of commitment is down to you, the church family, and may it always be so.

My family live some distance away in Sussex and so I do not see them as often as I would like. But I have a second family on my doorstep for which I am very grateful.

The past year has been a bit turbulent with the leaking roof, compensation claim, and the Nigel-shaped hole which appeared in January.

With the help of our wonderful curate Helen and the retired clergy, our parish administrator, Gill, and the go-to person when there is something I am unsure about, Anne, we have kept things going reasonably well. We also have a wealth of committees and groups who oversee the many activities which are available.

Returning to the retired clergy, they are a fantastic bunch who have voluntarily filled in all the gaps in the service rota with the help of the readers, Jack, Carol and Sandra.

I must also thank our choir, one of the best parish choirs in Devon, of which I have been a member for over 20 years. We all have different talents and the choir use their musical talent to worship God, which sometimes people forget, thinking the choir a separate, elitist entity!

That the choir is as good as it is depends on the commitment of its members and, of course, the Director of Music, Mark (who is one of those who travel a considerable  distance) and our deputy organist,  Richard.

Please continue to pray that we will soon have a new incumbent who will continue all the good things we already have and have the vision to initiate new ones.

God bless you all.

Jacki Hayes

Photos © Bill Jerman