We’re very pleased to announce that Crediton Parish Church website has had a thorough makeover bringing it into line with standards needed for websites in 2016.

While the site may look similar to the previous one (a design choice to retain the feel of the original), under the bonnet it is completely different.

Amongst the changes are:

  • Accommodating all users from PC to tablet and smartphone. The new website has a responsive design allowing easy viewing on a multitude of devices. In addition, this design makes sure we’re not penalised by Google in mobile searches.
  • Change of font. The main font used in the site has been changed to an easier to read one. We’re now using Open Sans and have increased the font size.
  • A sticky header has been introduced to help with navigation. 
  • Security has been increased. There are many hacking attempts on websites daily and this one was no exception. We have now updated all the website’s coding and strengthened the security.
  • Ease of use. The backend (where Gill in the Parish Office) merrily labours to bring you all the news and updates has been redesigned for easier use in creating posts and pages.

Since the last website relaunch we have seen over 67,000 visitors to the site with over 191,471 page views. Our web visitors come from virtually every country in the world. While the majority of people continue to view the site on desktop computers, many now view it on tablets and smartphones.

Many hours of hard work have gone into the website so we hope you enjoy it for many years to come!