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Administrative Information

Crediton Parish Church is situated in Church Street, Crediton and is part of the
Crediton Benefice Community which covers three parishes and eight churches within the Cadbury
Deanery of the Diocese of Exeter. The correspondence address is the Parish Administrator,
Parish Office, Boniface Centre, Church Lane, Crediton, EX17 2AH.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a body corporate (PCC Powers Measure
1956, Church Representation Rules 2017) and registered with the Charity Commission – Registered
Charity No. 1129124. PCC members are elected by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in
accordance with the Church Representation Rules 2017 and during the year, the following served
as members of the PCC:-

Revd Preb. Nigel Guthrie

Assistant Curate
Revd Helen Drever

Churchwardens: Jacki Hayes; John Musty (Vice Chair); Sheila Ralph
Ex Officio (Deanery Synod) Sue Barker; Amy Bright (from APCM 2017); Anne Jerman; Carol Price
Ex Officio (Diocesan Synod) Revd David Francis Ex Officio (General Synod) Dr Jack
Shelley PCC Treasurer Glenda Hills
PCC Secretary Anne Jerman
Elected Members Mike May (until APCM 2017), Ted Staite (until APCM 2017), Gill
Lee (until APCM 2017), Linda Bennett-Smith, Angy Cargill, Glenda Hills, Kate Lang, Stephen Mitchell, Mandy Tomlinson – served all year, Eileen Brassington (from APCM 2017), Ernie Heard (from APCM 2017), James Turner (from APCM 2017), Co-opted Eileen Brassington (until APCM 2017) as Lay Minister for Children and Young Families), Ernie Heard (until APCM 2017) as Governors’ and Health & Safety Representative, Gill Lee (from APCM 2017) as Parish Administrator.

Independent examiner Stapletons Chartered Certified Accountants, 4 Market Street,
EX17 2AJ

Structure, Governance and Management

The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation
Rules 2017. The membership of the above PCC consists of the Incumbent, the Assistant
Curate, the Churchwardens, Ex Officio due to membership of Deanery/Diocesan/General Synod
and members elected by those persons whose names are on the electoral roll of the church.

The PCC held nine meetings during the year together with one Joint PCC meeting.

Unusually, Crediton Church Corporation owns and is responsible for the repair and
maintenance of the church, its artefacts and the churchyard.

The Electoral Roll stands at 199 names. Following the annual revision in the period leading up to
the APCM 2018, there were 6 removals (either through death or because the person had moved away
from the parish)
and 4 additions.

The PCC has complied with the duty under section 5 of the Safeguarding and Clergy Discipline
Measure 2016 to have due regard to the House of Bishops’ guidance on safeguarding children and
adults at risk.

Aim and Purpose
The PCC has the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent, Revd Preb Nigel Guthrie in
promoting in the ecclesiastical parish the whole mission of the Church: pastoral, evangelistic,
social and ecumenical.

The PCC, as part of the Crediton Benefice Community, commits itself to carry out
God’s will through prayer, worship, learning and action. We will develop our life
together as we reach out to others; affirm individual strengths; value the diversity of
churchmanship across the Benefice; nurture growth, vocations and leadership; work towards
greater accessibility and respect and sustain our environment.

Reports from PCC Sub Committees and Other Church Groups
Children and Young People
Children and Young Families (report Eileen Brassington)
In the Midst – the children are now accustomed to staying in Church at the beginning of the 9:30am
Sunday Service for the placing of the button on the liturgical calendar and other activities.
Bishop Furry now has his own Facebook page to highlight our children’s activities. Jacki Hayes has
mounted some felting made at a holiday club several years ago to create altar cloths for the Family
Children’s Guide to the Church – this is now available at the back of the Church. Funding for the
coloured photocopying has been provided by a grant from the Governors. Many thanks to them for
Baptism Preparation – the Baptism booklet continues to be used as a basis for preparation and
discussion. The deanery course “Sticky Baptism” took place in Stoke Canon in June and plans for a
baptism support group are now being spearheaded by Helen.
Connect – Robert Marshall has been Crediton’s Connect worker for two years. Like Clarissa, he has
been doing a SWYM course and a degree through Moorlands College. With support from
Lauren, a Connect associate worker and Methodist youth worker, lunchtime clubs are available in
both Lower and Upper QE schools. Rob also gives support in music lessons and has occasional input
in RE lessons and assemblies. He announced at the latest Local Support Group meeting (of which
Helen and Eileen are members and Peter Brewer is secretary) that he would be moving on in
September. Please pray that another young person may feel led to be our Connect worker. Many thanks
to Rob for all his work with our young people.
Messy Church – numbers attending during the winter months have been lower though the
themes and activities have been enjoyed by those who came. The team of helpers are
most faithful and much appreciated. Ann Varker from the Methodist Church who runs “The Ark”
monthly has suggested that we run Messy Church as a CTiC event pooling the resources and manpower
of each of our Churches. Discussions are ongoing.
Sunday Club and Toddlers – Grateful thanks to the team of Sunday Club leaders and
Angy Cargill (Toddlers) who prepare and lead sessions every week and have done so for many years.
Angy is delighted to have the help of Jacki Hayes at Toddlers.
Lay Minister for Children and Families – this was a post created by Nigel and funded
by the PCC to develop our work for children and families. It had been hoped that a grant could
be obtained to a children and families worker on a more permanent basis. Unfortunately,
the grant money was withdrawn. Eileen resigned from the lay minister post in December. It has
been decided by the PCC to delay finding a successor until the appointment of a new Rector. Please
continue to pray for this ministry.

Babes and Toddlers (report by Angy Cargill)
“Babes and Toddlers” is going well, although several of our stalwart attenders started school in
September and we said goodbye to lovely helper Rachel and her son Charlie. We wish them all the
best. Happily, we’ve had newcomers, so attendance is on an even keel. Thank you to Enid Clifton
for her reliable help and to Tracey Jones on occasions. It’s great to have Jacki Hayes on board
with her fab arty and leadership skills. We would really welcome anyone who is interested in
helping us subject to a DBS check.

There is no charge for the afternoon but donations each week have meant that we were
able to give a considerable amount this year to The Salvation Army (Exeter branch) and to
“CHAT” (a local charity that helps families in need). We had a happy Christmas party to which Father Christmas came. He brought lovely presents. Thank you to all those who take an interest in us.

Sunday Club (report by Gill Lee)
Sunday Club continues to use the ‘Roots’ material, which usually follows the lectionary and helps
to provide a link with the congregation. Although the number of children is often low,
it is good to welcome the younger members of the junior choir who enjoy joining in with the
games and crafts. The children had great fun creating stars and wands for the Flower Festival
‘What’s the Point…’ where our display was based on the Harry Potter books. We decorated our tree at
the Christmas Tree Festival with candles of various shapes and sizes, including painted salt dough
and stained ‘glass’ windows. The liturgical calendar is now firmly established at the beginning
of the 9.30am service, as is the bubble blowing during the Gloria. The forgiveness mat
will be used during Lent and Advent and other activities from the ‘In the Midst’ material are ready
to be introduced. Bishop Furry’s wardrobe has increased to include a stole and boots and he now has
his own Facebook page!

Open the Book (report by Revd Jenny Francis)
Although things continue as before with our fortnightly visits to Yeoford and Hayward’s Schools,
and our regular rehearsal on a Tuesday morning, there have nevertheless been a few changes. We
gladly welcomed three members of St Boniface Roman Catholic Church at the start of the Autumn term.
It’s good to work with other Christians in the town and be seen to be more ecumenical. For a few
weeks we were joined by Lauren Abdey, the trainee youth minister from the Congregational Church.

I have been most grateful to Sue Martin for agreeing to assume responsibility for our considerable
wardrobe. This has freed Linda Witham to become the leader, supervising rehearsals and school
presentations, in turn allowing me to step back a little. I remain in charge of all matters
relating to overall policy and links with OtB Head Office and Bible Society, safeguarding and
training etc. and will act as a local coordinator of OtB in surrounding towns and villages. There
are now lots of teams in Tiverton, Lapford and elsewhere.

Finally, we are delighted that Bob Hartman, author of the Lion Storyteller Bible, and a skilled
storyteller himself, is coming to lead a day on that subject on 15 May in the
Boniface Centre. It will be widely advertised throughout the Diocese and Devon schools so we
anticipate a full house.

Worship Committee (report by Joanna Lunnon)
During 2017 the Committee continued to review services and plan for those ahead,
meeting three times during the year.
• Easter and Christmas services were reviewed and any feedback received was considered with any
potential changes noted for future years. The risks involved when choir and/or
congregation use lighted candles were assessed and some additional precautions agreed.
• Attendance at the main morning services continued to be strong.
• Choral Evensong continued to be appreciated with a wide variety of attendance depending on
the occasion with the church very full for the Advent Carol Service and Service of Nine Lessons and
• ‘Sacred Space’ takes place once a quarter and continues to be much appreciated. Revd Helen
Drever is looking for help to plan these services.
• Messy Church is held every other month and several people attended the Diocesan Messy Church
Festival in June. Dates are set for 2018 but the future is uncertain as a leader is needed.
• New hymn books (Ancient & Modern) have been introduced as the green hymn books were worn out.
The new books were funded by the Friends of Crediton Parish Church and from two legacies.
The Committee will continue to meet during the vacancy and any comments about services can be made
to a Churchwarden or to Joanna Lunnon (secretary to the Committee)

Choir Committee (report by Helen Tuffin)
2017 was an exciting and successful year for the Choir. We have grown in number in all four voices
and were especially delighted to welcome several new boys and girls as Trebles. We
have two new Choral Scholars, Chloe John (Soprano) and Luke Tayler (Tenor). Choir
members continue to achieve RSCM Medals, with one Gold (well done Stella Stephens), 6
Silvers and 1 Bronze across the generations. The youngsters are also progressing through their coloured ribbons. And throughout all this, our forthcoming trip to Avranches was never far from our thoughts, with preparations underway and efforts to raise funding going on pretty much throughout the year.

We began with our ‘Christmas’ party – in January 2017 when the rush was over! Very
soon we were preparing for the Civic Service in Cullompton in March, which was really
lovely. Almost immediately afterwards was the marriage of organist and assistant director Richard
Stephens to our soprano Stella, a very happy occasion. May saw us sing at the beautiful Sherborne
Abbey. We also sang at Holy Cross with the Orchestra that had come over from Avranches, and some of the Choir hosted orchestra members. In July we put on our usual Summer Concert. Next came our major fundraiser – the 24-hour Singathon. Musical fare ranged from our usual choral pieces to musicals, folk songs, and music hall numbers. The event culminated in a lively rendition of most of the Sound of Music! As another fundraiser we did our annual sponsored swim in September. Next was a
Cheese & Wine DVD evening, where we watched a film about the D-Day Landings in
preparation for our visit to Avranches. At last, on 20th October it was time to set sail for
Roscoff. Some of us stayed with hosts, others in a hotel. We enjoyed a packed programme,
including singing at the church of Sainte-Mère-Eglise and in Avranches itself, and visiting
Arromanches and Rennes. It was a wonderful, memorable and educational visit; new friendships
were formed and old ones reinforced.

We wound up the year with our Carol Concert and our usual busy Christmas schedule. The success of
this past year is all down to various people working very hard behind the scenes. My
particular thanks go to Director of Music Mark Perry, Assistant Organist Richard
Stephens, and to Phil Stallard for putting in countless hours organising our Avranches trip.
We are grateful to former Choral Scholar Emma Richards for her sterling work with the Juniors,
Catherine Stoyle for her enthusiastic work as Head Chorister, and her Deputies Darcey Wilson
and Bee Taylor. Thanks to Darcey, who has now stepped up from Deputy to Head Chorister, and her
Deputies Louise Jones and Emma Daly. I wish to thank everyone who helps with catering, fundraising,
supporting our Juniors, sorting music, robes and candles. Thanks also to fellow
Committee members, parents of Juniors, the Music Foundation, PCC, Governors and Friends of the
Church. We think of Nigel, Tina, Robbie and George with fondness and wish them well in
Exeter – and look forward with anticipation to working with the future Rector, whoever he or
she may be!

Bellringers (Report by Geoff Sparling)
Once again on-going recruitment must remain a priority. Our social programme of two outings and an
annual dinner were maintained and several church events supported. Ringing has been maintained for
all regular ringing occasions and whenever extra is requested. In addition, we have been providing
occasional assistance to local towers, Sandford and Newton St. Cyres. Tower tours have been
provided when requested. One peal attempt was successful, half-muffled on Armistice Day. The spring
peal attempt was replaced by the Devon Association 10-bell competition with further ringing
in the evening. In October we entertained the new curate when Helen Drever was shown round
the tower and introduced to the ringers.

St Lawrence Chapel (report by Kathleen Hughes, Secretary of the Friends of St Lawrence)
In June, a thorough building survey was carried out which highlighted the condensation
damage to the interior walls. The main preventative recommendation was that the Chapel
should be kept heated and ventilated during the winter. The outside light has been repaired – a
great help to the West Gallery Quire in the winter. The electric heaters still have to be checked.
Two fire extinguishers were purchased in December from Guardian Security.

We would like to thank the gardener, Jill da Silva; we also thank the clergy who take the services
for their support, and the clergy staff meeting for agreeing to change the time of the Wednesday
Holy Communion to 10.30am. The Chapel opened on 9 September for Devon Historic Churches Trust Day.
An exhibition of work by local artists was held on the Saturday and Sunday. A new
booklet on the history of the Chapel was launched in January at the Crediton Community
Bookshop. It is now available from the bookshop, Holy Cross, the Chapel and when it
re-opens, the museum.

Holy Trinity, Yeoford (report by Carol Price)
At Yeoford we continue to have a service on the second and fourth Sundays taken by Retired Clergy
and Helen our Curate as well as communion by extension. Our Songs of Praise was in
July and our Harvest service followed by the harvest lunch was in October. The Christmas carol
service was held in the Village Hall and the Crib service and Early Midnight Mass were held in the
church on Christmas Eve.

We ran a prayer meeting from Ascension to Pentecost every morning for fifteen minutes
and we now continue to have a prayer meeting every Monday morning before the Café. We are
pleased to have had a baptism during the year. Messy church is well attended and meets every other
month in the village hall. We have raised funds through St Nicholas Fair and The Yeoford Christmas

Plans are going ahead to add a toilet and small kitchen to the vestry, a much needed facility for
the church.

Ministry Committee (report by Sheila Ralph)
The Ministry Committee meets three times a year and takes an overview of the ministry of the
Benefice. The morning prayers on Wednesdays are almost all lay led. Paul Fillery headed up a prayer
initiative called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ in May. There was a prayer trail at Sandford and at Holy Cross
a prayer tree in the Flower Festival and this was incorporated into the Sunday service. At Yeoford
a prayer meeting was held before the café on a Monday. The Prayer Ministry group
coordinated by Eileen Brassington continues to pray with individuals during the 9.30am

A training day for those leading Intercessions led by Nigel went well. ‘The Bible’ course led by
Nigel and Helen started on 5th July and attracted 15/16 people to each session. Bible Reading
Fellowship notes are well supported. Lent groups were well attended, three in Crediton and one in
Sandford followed the York Course. Paul Fillery’s ‘Going Deeper’ training module and subsequent
course was very successful. Eileen arranged a ‘Sticky Baptism’ course, the purpose being to make
baptism a special and welcoming experience for each family. The ‘Messy Church’ is continuing
well and has formed a good relationship with ‘The Mother’s Union’.

Helen’s ordination on 24th September with Bishop Sarah was a lovely occasion. Bishop Sarah came
again to the Confirmation Service on 15th October.

Charlie Pitman the safeguarding advisor for the Diocese has produced a safeguarding checklist.
There are still some people left to complete C2 safeguarding training.

We said a sad farewell to Preb. Nigel Guthrie and his family. We are fortunate to
have a strong team of retired clergy to help us during the vacancy. Canon Ian Morter will
support Helen’s training and take the 9.30am service about once a month.

Crediton Benefice Community Council (report by Anne Jerman)
The Council met just twice this year and maintained its overview of the Mission Action Plan.
Activity takes place throughout the Benefice that is not only covered in the MAP but other
initiatives as well. Work has been undertaken at the end of the year to align the MAP with the
Diocesan Strategy of Grow in Prayer, Make New Disciples and Serve with Joy. This provided an
opportunity to fully review the contents. Whilst we want to remain aspirational, there was
little point including what will never realistically be achieved. The revision was also necessary
as the MAP is issued to applicants for the vacancy.

Pastoral Visiting and Care Scheme (report by Slim Savage)
The ministry of Pastoral Visiting and Care continues to develop. Visitors meet regularly with
clergy on a confidential basis to ensure appropriate levels of involvement are
being maintained. The group predominantly ministers to the elderly and housebound,
which includes those in hospitals and residential homes. The number of visitors now stands at
nine and training remains ongoing. All the volunteers have this year undergone specific training
provided by the Diocese. Six of the visitors are now authorised by the Bishop of
Crediton to administer Home Communion, and this has become an important aspect of the
Scheme’s Ministry. All established group members have been subject to successful DBS checks.

Whilst referrals for group involvement can be made to the co-ordinator via the Parish Office, the
majority of involvement is picked up by casual networking within the group and other members of the

Within the scheme a Bereavement Sub-Group continues to make contact with the families
of all those deceased persons known to the church over the last year and follow up
visits have been made where necessary. The Book of Remembrance is kept up to date following
this contact.

Missions & Charities Committee (report by Angy Cargill)
We research and suggest 5 charities with Christian ethics to support each year and put forward our
proposals to the PCC who help us to decide which ones we should support. An equal amount of money
is given to each and in 2017, £1140 was donated to each of the charities. We currently support CMS,
Connect, Christian Aid (for disasters and emergencies), The Amos Trust and The Umoja Project. At
present the support for Connect, CMS and Christian Aid remains constant with the other two on a
3-year rolling programme. We have now agreed to replace The Umoja Project with The Mission to
Seafarers. Please get in touch with us if you have an idea for future consideration. We had cake
stalls in church on 3 occasions this last year which make a considerable amount for other
charities. We supported: Eileen, Lay Minister for Children and Families, Christian Aid and
The Salvation Army, (Exeter branch). The last charity made an amazing amount of money thanks to the
delicious Thai takeaway meals made by Tintana Bailey and her daughters.

There is a most informative display in church that tells people about our chosen
charities. We welcome feedback from the congregation.

Communications Committee (report by Stephen Mitchell)
The Communications Committee has met a few times during the last year to discuss
issues and allocate responsibility for addressing them. The committee has a broad remit. Some of
the things we discuss are the magazine, the website and Facebook page, guides in church,
noticeboards, signage, the sound system and publicity. Members of the committee are always open to
suggestions for improvement.

Fabric and Maintenance of the Church and Churchyard
Housekeeping Committee (report by Bill Jerman)
The PCC Housekeeping Committee met three times during the year. A large number of issues and
projects have been discussed and moved forward. Highlights have included extending the CCTV
coverage, updating the key holding records, improvements to security measures and the introduction
of etched clear glass panels to the internal pair of south porch doors. A grant application to the
Suez Communities Trust was successful which means much of the failing protective mesh on the
stained glass windows can be replaced.

Other Reports
Boniface Centre Committee (report by Geoff Sparling)
The committee has continued to meet regularly and has kept on top of routine
maintenance. In May we welcomed Sheila Ralph to the committee, a welcome extra pair of hands.
Patty Austin was taken on as an assistant cleaner. Because some hirers have trouble with the sound
system, a brief refresher session on its set- up has been arranged for the whole committee.
• a de-fibrillator has been fitted to the front of the building;
• a new dishwasher installed;
• a major refurbishment of the kitchen has been agreed to take place over the summer 2018;
• the building suffered a break-in in November but curiously, nothing seemed to have been
• revised hire charges were implemented with no adverse comments;
• finances are in good order and in line with the 20-year plan.

Social Committee (report by Karen White)
I would like to thank the committee Tracey Jones, Sheila Ralph, Anne Parsons, Pat
Sherwood, Kay Shillingford, Pat Sneddon and Mandy Tomlinson. Thanks also to Garry Adams,
Ian Sneddon and Brian Shillingford who willingly assist when called upon to do so. We would
like to run more events. However, due to our busy lives, other commitments and, at times,
poor health, we simply cannot. We need more willing members! You do not have to help at all
events, just joining in for a few would make a significant difference and would spread the load.
Please speak to any members of the committee for more information.

The aim of the Social Committee continues to be fellowship, fun and raising money for our PCC in
order that our contribution to the Diocese and our own bills, at a local level, can be paid. This
last year has proved to be a challenge and more than ever, we are trying to think of ways we as a
church family can come together whilst raising much needed funds. In March, Glenda Hills worked
with the Social Committee for the Quiz and Supper Evening and the money raised was shared between
the PCC and the Roof Appeal.

Each year I have said we would be interested in new ideas and thoughts for realistic events are
always very welcome. Personally, I am not much of an ideas person but am willing to work with
others who are more creative than I. Last year we organized:-
• Hot Sunday lunches, which have increased in numbers and are thoroughly enjoyed by all. The
Men in Pinafores did a grand job and allowed the women to sit down for a meal and a well-earned
• Book Fair
• St Nicholas Fair

We also help at all the other catering events – Parish Stewardship Lunch, Harvest
Supper, Flower and Christmas Tree Festivals and a German Pilgrims Meal. Not a month goes by when
we are not in the kitchen in some capacity! I personally would like to thank Sue Lavery who guides
and advises us about food orders and quantities, without which I would be lost. She is always
very dismissive of this praise, but it is well earned. Also, to the Boniface Committee for our
amazing building, it is very well maintained, well-equipped and clean. We look forward to the next
year and more events. Many thanks for your support.

Brief Overview by Glenda Hills MAAT, PCC Treasurer
The PCC Accounts have held up this year in spite of a large invoice for organ repairs and tuning. The Governors contributed their share of the invoice, VAT was reclaimed and help was also received from the Friends. We have witheld the sum of £22,267.00 to date, from our Parish Share to safeguard against the outstanding compensation claim. All other commitments were met.

The Legacy Fund has contributed towards work on the cobbled paths and the new Hymn Books and
covered the cost of glazing to the South Porch Doors and a Commemorative Plaque. The
balance of £22,839.64 remains invested with, as stated before: £15,000.00 earmarked for the post
of Lay Minister for Children and Families with a small amount held against any further
work on the cobbles. In line with Accounting Guidelines, the closing balance of the
existing ‘Designated’ Legacy Fund has now been attributed as a ‘Restricted’ Legacies Fund.

The Accounts are again presented separately and will each have been Independently Examined and
signed off prior to the APCM. As before, all the Accounts will be merged for submission to the
Diocesan Board of Finance and the Charity Commissioners.

Reserves Policy – The PCC aims to maintain net reserves at a level representing 3 months operating
costs, plus a minimum of £15k to cover potential repair liabilities at the Boniface Centre and

Cadbury Deanery Synod
Cadbury Deanery Synod met three times during the year with speakers at two of the meetings. This
year, we heard from Revd Kathy Roberts on ‘Women in Ministry’ and Revd Philip Sourbutt
on ‘Growing Lay Ministry’. At the October Diocesan Synod, the following motion from
Cadbury Deanery Synod was put forward by Preb. Nigel Guthrie:-
‘This (Diocesan) Synod acknowledges with gratitude the full range of voluntary ministries exercised
in this Diocese, both lay and ordained, and undertakes to appoint a working group to review and
develop the means by which Self-Supporting Ministers in particular are recognised, valued and
affirmed, and to come back with concrete proposals.’
The motion was put to a vote and passed unanimously.

Approved by the PCC on 22 March 2018 and signed on their behalf by:

John Musty

John Musty (Churchwarden and PCC Chair during Vacancy)

Annex 1 – Non Crediton PCC Group Reports

Restoration Committee (report by Sandra Thresher)
Throughout the year, there is regular ‘housekeeping’ maintenance going on in the
building and the churchyard, as well as the completion of additional works and
projects. It is not possible to mention everything in detail but major projects have been the
installation of the CCTV system, protective mesh for the vulnerable church windows,
improvements to the drainage and church paths, re-gilding work on the clock face and the
re-painting of some of the church’s 1300+ railings. Many of the projects also carry with them
considerable and time-consuming amounts of paper work as a result of applying for charitable
grants, VAT refunds and the requirements of the Church of England faculty process. None of the work
would be done without the funds raised by the two Festivals, other fund-raising events such as the
Quiz Evenings and Roof Appeal events, and the generous donations from the Friends and
other supporters. The Restoration Committee would like to thank all who work to raise funds and
contribute their time, knowledge and skills towards keeping our church looking loved and well
looked after for the future.

Mothers’ Union (report by Anne Jerman)
The Mothers’ Union meets monthly throughout the year apart from August and has enjoyed
a variety of speakers. We were particularly interested to have a talk from Linda Heard, a
Mothers’ Union member, about her role as a Lay Hospital Chaplain and from congregation member, Liz
Brookes-Hocking about life on the West Bank. It was also a great pleasure to welcome our Diocesan
MU President Nickie Johnson, our Curate Revd Helen Drever and to hear about Messy Church from
Eileen Brassington and about the frescoes of St Francis of Assisi. We hosted a Lent Lunch and an
afternoon tea to raise funds for MU projects as well as enjoying a Harvest, Summer and Christmas
meal together. Locally, we have made donations to the Crediton Foodbank and the Wednesday Homeless
Group at Exeter Cathedral. Each of our meetings opens with an act of worship (thanks to Christine
Tipper for playing the piano at each meeting) and we support the Women’s World Day of Prayer. On
being allocated an early ‘slot’ in the Diocesan MU Wave of Prayer, we met in the Boniface Centre
for the prayers and followed them with breakfast. We are also grateful to Revds Jenny and David
Francis for presiding over our harvest Communion and Home Communions in Advent and