Holy Cross has a long, varied and interesting history from its pre-reformation origins to today. In this section of our website you can find out facts and figures, meet some colourful historical characters and examine the building and architecture.

introbandh-177x78 A Short History
An introduction to Holy Cross from past to present including Crediton’s Cathedral, the effects of the Reformation up until the present day.
introBoniface-177x78 Saint Boniface
Arguably Crediton’s greatest son and a man called the “greatest Englishman”. We look at Boniface life and times in England, German and the Netherlands.
introperyam-177x78 Tuckfield Memorial
Lords of the Manor since Saxon times, this fascinating tomb is examined along with the history behind the Tuckfields of Tedburn.
introSullry-177x78 Sir John de Sully
Sir John died in 1387 at the remarkable age of 106. An amazing, if weather-beaten, tomb for a knight who battled in the 100 Years War.
introBuller-177x78 General Sir Redvers Buller V.C.
The life and times of the man who has the largest memorial in Holy Cross. A General who saw action in the Zulu War, Egypt and the Sudan.
introBM-177x78 Buller Memorial
This elaborate and huge memorial mixes Gothic with modern, shields with mysterious figures and emblems in mosaic and sculpture.
introSaxon-177x78 Search for Saxon Crediton
With a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, 2007 saw the search for a Saxon Cathedral and a series of events celebrating Holy Cross.
introTours-177x78 Tours
Holy Cross is visited by many hundreds of tourists, pilgrims and historians each year. If you would like to book a tour, this is the place to do it.
introRecess-177x78 Recess Tomb and Sidilia
An intriguing look at the recess tomb still with some medieval colouring and the sedilia complete with slideshow.
introTimbers-177x78 Timbers of Holy Cross
In 2003 English Heritage commissioned a report on the timbers used in the construction of the church and how its conclusions affect our knowledge of the building history.
introtrs-177x78 Ground Plan
A ground plan of Holy Cross showing the church features and including positions of the tombs, Norman font and more.
map-177x78 Location
How to find us whether making the journey from outside or within Devon, by bus, train or car.