Ground Plan

Ground Plan2018-08-28T11:43:51+00:00
  1. Norman font
  2. Statue of Winfrith, the young St Boniface
  3. Pulpit
  4. Eagle lectern
  5. Nave altar
  6. Tower arch, Buller memorial over
  7. Stairs to old galleries (latter now removed)
  8. Tomb recess, possible an Easter Sepulchre, early fifteenth-century
  9. Sully monument, late fourteenth century
  10. Double piscina
  11. The old ambulatory, joining the two choir aisles
  12. Chapel of St Nicholas and St Boniface, with fifteenth-century merchant’s chest
  13. Organ
  14. Sedilia, early fifteenth-century
  15. High altar and reredos
  16. Peryam monument, 1650
  17. Tuckfield monument, 1630