Boniface in Images..

Various images of Saint Boniface in Holy Cross, throughout Crediton and further afield…

The Birth of Winfrith at Crediton AD680/ Holy Cross East Window.

Winfrith enters a monastery at Exeter/ Holy Cross East Window

Winfrith living as a monk at Nursling/ Holy Cross East Window.

Pope Gregory II gives Winfrith the name Boniface.

Boniface fells Thor’s Oak at Geismar/ Holy Cross East Window

Boniface crowning Pepin King of all Franks/ Holy Cross East Window

Martyrdom of Boniface at Dokkum AD754/ Holy Cross East Window

Monks at Fulda receiving Boniface body for burial/ Holy Cross East Window

Boniface Statue in Newcombes Meadow, Crediton

50th anniversary prayers at the Boniface Statue 24th July 2010

An effigy of St Boniface by Witold Kavalek in Holy Cross

Relief of Boniface felling Thor’s Oak in St Boniface RC Church, Crediton

Woollen banner depicting Boniface as an old man in Benedictine habit. Made by Penelope Bray.

Boniface with outstreched arms gazing up at a transfigured cross. Artist Ernst Degasperri.

Relic of St Boniface in Dokkum
© Bouwe Brouwer CC Licence

Detail from the mosaic floor of Worcester College chapel, Oxford
© Lawrence OP CC Licence