Rector’s News April 2021

Sandra Collier

In early March we heard the good news that Sandra Collier will be attending a Bishops Advisory Panel in the next few months as she continues to discern her vocation to be a deacon.  Having had her vocation confirmed by the local church at both Mission Community and Diocesan level, Sandra now tests her vocation in the wider church.  Please do keep Sandra in your prayers as she takes this important step, and we give thanks for her generous response to God’s calling.

Crediton Rural Ministry Hub

 By the time you read this, the announcement will have been made that The Revd Robert Gordon has accepted the post of Associate Priest (Team Vicar designate) in the emerging Crediton Rural Ministry Hub.  Robert will be licensed on July 14th and this represents an exciting next step for the Hub as we welcome another colleague to share in ministry and mission.  Robert has several years of missional and pastoral experience and will be a blessing to us all.


Some years ago, now, I watched a television documentary which focused on land management in upland areas of Britain.  Each year, fires were intentionally started on areas of open moorland and the result was a heavily charred area amongst a beautiful landscape.

Within weeks new shoots started springing up and the documentary explained the process of renewal that comes after such a fire. After the heat and devastation and amidst the charred remains, new life almost miraculously appears. The landscape, though different, becomes once again something that is lush, life-giving and beautiful to behold.

In a sense, there are parallels with the Easter story.  Christ enters Jerusalem to great acclamation, yet a few days later those same people are baying for his blood.  There is betrayal and with the crucifixion on Good Friday there follows destruction and desolation.

Let us move forward to Easter Day…………. in Mark’s gospel it is some women who first discover the joyous news. The stone is rolled away and an angel tells them ‘Do not be afraid’. You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here.’ We then read that they were indeed afraid as they walked away, and who can blame them? However, something extraordinary then began to happen. As the disciples and others encountered the risen Jesus, new signs of life began to appear. They begin to spread the good news, to speak of all they had seen and shared with Jesus.  They began to speak of his resurrection.  New shoots appearing, new life.

The message of Easter is one of new life after destruction and desolation. It is a message which is unchanged through history. The God who reached out to that eclectic group of first followers in the person of Jesus, is still calling out to us, willing us to come home. The teachings of Christ are about love, forgiveness, tolerance and peace.

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the landscape of humanity is transformed into something that is lush, life-giving and beautiful to behold.

A Happy Easter to you all!

Your friend and Rector

Matthew Tregenza