Baptism at Crediton, Sandford and Shobrooke

We offer baptism to children and adults who live within our parishes, or who regularly worship at the churches.
In baptism God’s welcome and love is expressed through prayer and through the pouring on of water that has been blessed and through the signing with the cross and giving of a candle. In the case of young children parents and godparents promise to bring the children up in the Christian faith.

Baptisms are held either within the main Sunday service (9.30am at Crediton and Sandford, 11am at Shobrooke) or at 11.30am at Holy Cross, Crediton.

CHRISTENING is the traditional English name for Holy Baptism. It means ‘to make Christ’s’.
BAPTISM is another name for the service. It comes from the Greek word, ‘to dip’.


 What We Expect of Parents

Bringing up a child in the Christian faith requires careful thought . We provide the following structure to help you.

We ask parents to come to a preparation session before the christening to look at the meaning of the service. This may either be a meeting with other parents in the church or at the Boniface Centre or a visit at home.

We ask parents to attend at least one Family Service before the christening. These are as follows: Crediton: 1st Sunday at 9.30am, Sandford: any Sunday at 9.30am, Shobrooke: 1st Sunday at 11am

We ask you to consider how you will help your child to grow in the life of the Church.

We will ask you to fill in a simple baptism application form and return it to us at the baptism preparation meeting.

Further information about Christenings in the Church of England can be found at

Please contact the Parish Office if you would like to arrange a Christening.

There is no charge for a service of baptism, although a collection is taken at the service.


Services & Events for Children

Our local churches put on the following regular events for children in addition to Family Worship on Sundays (as detailed above)


Babes and Toddlers  is held every Thursday in school term time at 2.00pm in the Boniface Centre. Friendly circle, drawing, toys and songs are followed by tea, squash and biscuits.


Crediton Sunday Club meets at 9.30am every Sunday for children aged 3 – 12 years old in the Boniface Centre.

Messy Church meets every other month on a Sunday in the Boniface Centre from 3-5pm for a time of activities, celebration and tea.

Tea and Toddlers at Sandford  meets fortnightly on a Friday in term time in the undergallery room.


Special child-friendly services are held at times like Mothering Sunday, Harvest and Christmas



 Weddings at Crediton, Sandford and Shobrooke

We are able to offer marriage services to those who live in our parishes or who are on the Church Electoral Rolls or who have a qualifying connection to the local church.

If one or both of you have been previously married and divorced then we may be able to help but we will need to interview you, as the bishop lays down guidelines for the remarriage of those in this situation.

Fees are payable (details on application) and the choir and bells of Holy Cross Church are normally available to enhance weddings.

 In choosing to get married in church couples will be asking for God’s blessing on their life together. We believe that this can be a great strength for marriage and we encourage them to join us for worship in the church as part of their preparations.

We take our responsibilities seriously in helping couples to prepare for marriage and usually they meet with one of the clergy four times before the wedding. Firstly to get to know them, book the wedding and fill in the banns form; then a marriage preparation session with several other couples who are getting married; next, a quieter session where they choose the service and think about their promises; and lastly, a rehearsal in church close to the wedding day.

Further information about marriage in the Church of England can be found at

Please contact the Rector, Revd Matthew Tregenza on 01363 894038 to discuss your wedding.